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September Newsletter


Old Shasta received their Firewise Certificate in March 2023, and are now a recognized community.  In preparation for the spring chipper day opportunities, volunteers got together and cleared out areas along Muletown Rd., forming 12 piles for the chipper crew!  Old Shasta is also taking part in the formation of a new independent manned fire station.

At the end of June a group of 15 people toured throughout Old Shasta to determine which areas would benefit from grant funded defensible space clearing and treatment.  Members of the firewise group and the Shasta County Fire Safe Council, representatives from Vestra and Shasta Fire Protection, Cal Fire Batallion Chief 5, Cal Fire Prevention Specialist, and a retired member of USFS were all present to assess the scope of work needed.  This assessment helped to form the template that will be used for tours throughout all the firewise communities.


 California Wildfire Mitigation Program   CWMP Project - Whitmore - Shasta County Fire Safe Council (


 Carl Skinner Episode 1 - Wildfire Risk and Hazard - YouTube


 Honey Bee Festival  September 22 - 23   42nd Annual Honeybee Festival - Palo Cedro - Shasta County Fire Safe Council (

Oak Run Educational Day September 30

Old Shasta Educational Day October 11  Old Shasta Educational Day - Shasta County Fire Safe Council (

Fire Fun Festival October 14  Fire Fun Festival 2023 - Shasta County Fire Safe Council (


In case you missed it, one of the more popular Facebook posts in the last month was this article on the miracle house that survived the Lahaina Fire.

We launched the first two episodes of Carl Skinner's Series on Learning To Live With Wildfire
Carl Skinner Episode 1 - Wildfire Risk and Hazard
This presentation highlights the historical prevalence of fires in California and underscores the need to understand, identify, and manage hazards and risks in forest management for effective fire mitigation and ecosystem resilience.
Carl Skinner Episode 2 - Climate Change and Fire
This presentation highlights the complex relationship between fire, climate change, and forest ecosystems, emphasizing the need for adaptive and proactive fire management strategies.



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