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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Shasta County Fire Safe Council represent the guiding force behind the organization's mission to enhance community safety and resilience in the face of wildfire threats. Comprising of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, the Board is entrusted with shaping strategies, setting priorities, and fostering collaborative efforts that empower our communities to mitigate the risks posed by wildfires. With a shared commitment to safeguarding lives, property, and ecosystems, the Board of Directors exemplifies the spirit of proactive engagement and steadfast leadership needed to address the growing challenges of wildfire management and prevention.

Board of Directors Directory

Francis Berg 

President, Board of Directors

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Francis is a native Californian and has spent his adult life in service to the citizens of the United States.   After spending 1969 - 1973 with the United States Navy he then went on to USDI / Bureau of Land Management as an archaeologist form 1978 - 2012, and then to the City of Redding from 2014 - present as a volunteer vegetation management specialist.

Francis' college education began with an Associate of Arts in Anthropology from Riverside Community College, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (with highest honors) from Univeristy of California Riverside.  He then continued on with Graduate studies in Environmental Administration and Archaeology from Univeristy of California Riverside.

Outside of work, Francis is an outdoor enthusiast enjoying travel, classic automobiles, and singing, as well as spending time with his wife, three daughters, and six grandchildren.


Dan Adam 
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Frances Belden 
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Fran's experience with forestry and wildfires began when she met her future husband George E. Belden and took a Forestry class at Shasta College, which he taught. Being married to George gave her insight into forest management practices and fire suppression. When George served as the Executive Officer of the California Tree Farm Committee, he asked Fran to help as his secretary, which she did for five years.  Eventually, the couple bought 160 acres of forest land and learned to manage it as a Tree Farm. In addition to her work as Secretary Treasurer and Board Member of the Shasta County Fire Safe Council, Fran also serves on the Board of Forest Landowners of California.

Steven Johnson 
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Mr. Johnson is an attorney, real estate broker, and rancher who lives in Lakehead and has owned and operated the Shaggy Burn Ranch in Montgomery Creek for over 20 years. An avid hiker with interests in Forestry and natural history, Mr. Johnson spent his legal career with the inerntational law firm of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher before retiring to his home and ranch in Shasta County.   

Barbara Holder 
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Barbara is a Professional Forester and Wildlife Biologist with over 30 years experience in natural resource management. She owns 20 forested acres and is actively involved in vegetation management for forest health and fuels reduction.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Biological Sciences and a Masters Degree and Lifetime Secondary Teaching Credential from San Diego State University in Biology.

Barbara worked for the United States Forest Service for 27 years, serving in a number of positions including field positions on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the Stanislaus Forest, as well as Endangered Species Coordinator for the Oregon and Washington Regional Offices and Washinton DC. 

She was the Director of the Wildlife and Fisheries program in the Montana and Idaho region of the Forest Service and then ended her career after 12 years on the Klamath National Forest as Forest Supervisor. While on the Klamath she was involved in decision making regarding vegetation management and subsequent reforestation after large fires.  Along with her fellow Shasta County citizens, she lives with the constant concern of the threat of wildfire and hopes that together we can make a difference.

Steve Fitch 
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Steve is a Registered Professional Forester with a long career under his belt, having worked for the Forest Service as a District Ranger in the Shasta Lake Ranger District, Deputy Supervisor of the National Forests of North Carolina, and Forest Supervisor for Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and  three National Forests of Florida.

Additionally, he has served as a Fire Behavior Officer and Plans Chief on fire teams throughout the US, and as a member of the Governor's Wildfire Strategy Team in California. 

Lastly, Steve has served as fellow and staff to the Chairman of the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and staff advisor to a ranking member of the California State Assembly Resources Committee.

Richard Karem 
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Richard has lived in Shasta County since 1985 and been residing in the Urban/Wildland interface in Old Shasta for over 30 years.  He is a physician by trade but has become keenly interested in practicing and promoting fire safe activities during his time living in this environment.  During this time, he has experienced at least 6 fires impacting his property, including the Carr Fire.

Richard is particularly interested in new projects promoting fuels reduction, and has participated in several fuels reduction projects on his own property, as well as having worked with his neighbors, including Whiskeytown Park and the Bureau of Land Management.

Although not a professional forester, he is passionate about making our community less vulnerable to devastating wildfires.

Jim Chapin 
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Jim has been employed as a Registered Professional Forester and resource planner since 1963. His responsibilities have involved providing resource planning and management skills to private landowners, government agencies, and industry in the fields of environmental planning, wildlife management, fuels management, recreation planning, timber inventory and appraisal, timber harvest planning and supervision and land management planning.

Tim Livingston 

Bio to be added later.