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CWMP Project - Whitmore

May contain: fire

Shasta Fire Safe Council is pleased to partner with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to develop a state home hardening initiative to retrofit, harden, and create defensible space for homes at high risk to wildfires.

The program is currently under development and is active only in pre-identified demonstration communities. Some of the program highlights include:

  • Community approach—each home strengthened makes its neighbors safer too
  • Few or no out-of-pocket costs—eligible households will pay nothing; others will pay a small fraction
  • Projects managed by experts—households only need to apply, the program will take care of the rest

​Home Hardening Measures:

  • Class-A Fire Rated Roof
  • 5 feet of non-ignition zone space around a home (including fencing within 5 feet)
  • Enclosed eaves
  • Fire-resistant vents
  • Upgraded windows (Double paned)
  • Non-combustible 6 inches at the bottom of exterior walls
  • Tree trimming and removal, brush clearing up to 100 ft. for defensible space

If you are a part of the Whitmore community, please apply!



Please mail completed paper applications to:

Attn: Whitmore Project

Western Shasta RCD

PO Box 904

Anderson, CA 96007

Additional Resources: