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Is my entire property going to be assessed? 

The defensible space zones around the structures on your property will be assessed, which is typically a 100 ft diameter around each structure, but could be as much as 300 ft.

Do I get to choose what work gets done on my property? 

If your home is preliminary approved, an individualized home assessment report will be generated specific to your property. This report will contain required, recommended, and optional measures for program participation.

What can I do if my application gets denied? 

If you application is denied, you have the opportunity to appeal this decision. If you wish you appeal, your program liaison can provide you with more information on the appeal process.

What if I have unpermitted work done on my property? 

Program staff will work closely with County staff to identify a path forward for carrying out the home hardening work, if possible.

Who is coordinating this project? 

This project is being organized by multiple agencies. Cal OES and FEMA are providing the funding for this program. Cal OES developed the framework for the program and is providing technical assistance for implementation at the local level. CAL FIRE has designed the home assessment and prioritized the home hardening list of potential retrofits. The Shasta County Fire Safe Council, Western Shasta Resource Conservation District, and Whitmore Fire Safe Council are the local organizations coordinating ground efforts.

How was my area selected? 

CalOES and CAL FIRE reviewed data for high-risk fire severity areas combined with other socioeconomic factors.

Will I be taxed for the work done to my property? 

This topic is currently under review. Any taxable amounts related to this project will be disclosed to the homeowner before they sign the contract authorizing the work to proceed.

Do you need to come inside my house for the assessment? 

It is unlikely assessors will need to go inside homes during assessments.

Do you need to come inside my house to complete the actual retrofits? 

Contractors may need to enter the structure if certain retrofit measures are including for your property (for example, replacing windows, doors, vents, etc.).