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December 2023 Newsletter


     Dusty Oaks Firewise was very active during 2023!  The committee met 15 times, and a newsletter was distributed once a quarter.  Neighbors expended 1174.5 hours of fire mitigation efforts from Jan. 1 - June 31.  Hours for the last half of the year have not been tabulated yet.  Neighbors also expended $69,460 in fire mitigation and home hardening projects.  

     In June, Dusty Oaks Firewise community held its annual public education meeting, which included a BBQ and the SCFSC education trailer.  In November the neighbors spent a day cutting brush along Dusty Oaks Trail.  This cutting was in preparation for the SCFSC sponsored chipping held on December 5th & 6th.  See below for before, during, and after pictures!

     The Dusty Oaks Firewise committee board members attended 3 county-wide SCFSC sponsored meetings, and continue to work with SCFSC in pursuit of grant opportunities.



Dusty Oaks Chipping was a huge success thanks to Bundy Tree Service!  See below for all the pictures 



A question was brought up about having a wild fire prepared home with certification for insurance purposes.  I found the link below on the Fire Safe Sonoma website, and I think it explains the process quite well.

About - Wildfire Prepared Home - A Program of IBHS



This is a really interesting video on the history of firefighting!!  I couldn't get the direct link to work, so copy and paste this into your browser.



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